Everyone knows how much work even the best of relationships can be, but imagine the pressure of having your relationship scrutinized under a media spotlight…

Consequence adds a quick verse to Robin Thicke’s “Get Her Back.” The track, which is Thicke’s ode to regret and winning back love, is sure to get a lot of play soon. Listen above.

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Consequence Featuring Charisse Mills And Company Of Greatness “Bottle Girls”

The family of a woman who saw her brother’s kidney thrown away before it could be transplanted into her has settled their lawsuit with the hospital that threw the kidney away.

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Sneaker enthusiasts will love what Black Sheep and Nike SB are cooking up. The North Carolina skate shop has teamed up with the Nike Skateboarding division to create the Black Sheep x Nike SB Dunk High “Gucci.” The sneaker features a black suede lining around a white Gucci-like SB design throughout the sneaker while sporting the coveted green, red, white, and gold combination. The sneaker is slated to be released on June 21st.

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Teaming up with the Lions is another high-profile way UT is working to close the gap between Toledo and Michigan’s largest city, blurring the state border and erasing the perception of distance between two cities less than 60 miles apart.

SunSpray By Kathryn works to teach people about UV safety and the warnings that go along with tanning beds. Thursday May 29 the FDA announced new requirements for tanning beds.

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Bennett Venture Academy celebrated a special event “third grade style.” All money raised will go towards sending Alex to a horse therapy ranch in North Carolina that helps children and military families deal with difficult life issues.

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It is our honor and pleasure to present to you our shiny new site. We’ve worked long and hard to bring you all the features you’ve been asking for to connect with us in ways that you couldn’t before. We still have some work to do but we thank you all for your support in

By Megan O’Hearn Second Class Petty Officer Ryan Bagrowski has served eight years in the U.S. Navy and is a big hockey fan. Friday night, he reenlisted for another six year hitch in a unique way. Source: Toledo News Now

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People don’t remember but Columbus Short kicks ASSSSSSSSS! This dude used to wreck shop, when he was a dancer or something. He used to stomp the yard. Well, now he stomps his enemies. On “Scandal,” he talks like Dark Knight and in real life he wrecks shop like Batman too. The only thing is Shorty,


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