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Chicago rapper Twista has clocked more than twenty years in the hip-hop industry and is still considered an underdog. While some artists would be discouraged…

So often we write stories about the ratchetivity of “reality” shows or the drama that is caused by our fellow man through shootings and stabbings.…

There are a lot of big stories in the NBA right now, most of them involving Free Agency and Trades. However, one story that was…

Rumors are swirling around Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, he is going to be the newest member of the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. Wait,…

Common hasn’t been on G.O.O.D. Music since 2011, and he finally spoke about it to Sway on MTV’s Rap Fix. He is still involved with…

Wiz Khalifa has a lot in store for his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood. With the new LP, he plans to continue the success of his smash single “We Dem Boyz,” which has spun multiple remixes and spent 18 weeks on the Billboard charts.

On the new project fans can expect to hear a collaboration from 2014 XXL Freshman Ty Dolla $ign. Since signing to Wiz’s Taylor Gang they have done a few songs together including Ty’s “Or Nah.” He will appear on three tracks featured on Blacc Hollywood, including “You and Your Friends.”

Wiz explains that the two have a creative kinship. “We have each other. That’s what being a big business is; being able to both bring the best out of each other. I would never depend on Ty, and he would never depend me. We’re just both really, really creative and that’s when the best things happen, when two people are at their best.”

The “Stayin Out All Night” rapper mentioned last month that fans could also expect a feature from Miley Cryus, but is no longer certain. He explained that “”It didn’t get cleared, just because of some things that had to do with the song. I think somebody else ended up paying for the beat, so that song didn’t make it.”

As for now Blacc Hollywood will feature Ty, Nick Minaj, Nas and Juicy J. It is set to drop Aug. 19.


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The news of Lil Wayne throwing his hat into sports management by starting an agency and partnering working with PolarisSports—which is affiliated with the CAA agency and GestiFute—was very surprising. The Young Money Mogul made a huge splash by signing international soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course the comparison was immediately made to Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports. They have been in operation for over a year and continue to sign top talent. But when you compared who’s better equip to head a sports agency, who’s better?

Check the breakdown below.

Sports Knowledge

Edge: Wayne

Lil Wayne is a notorious sports buff. The NOLA spitta has been a frequent guest on ESPN. Seriously, he’s been on ESPN’s First Take discussing everything in sports like the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant, NCAA College Final Four, The Green Bay Packers and Tim Tebow. That’s not even counting his time on Around The Horn and his one-on-one with Randy Moss. He’s a huge L.A. Lakers, Green Bay Packers and boxing fan. Wayne literally only tweets when he’s watch sports. Weezy has also penned for ESPN Magazine and on their website. Even though Jay Z was part owner The Brooklyn Nets and was huge influence on the franchise, slight lean goes to Lil Wayne when it comes to sports knowledge.


Edge: Jay Z

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s network is massive. Forbes ranks him No. 6 among “the most powerful” celebrities in the world. He has grown his Roc Nation empire into a force, currently has numerous business ventures and is worth $520 million. Anything Jigga wants, he has access too.

Biggest Signing

Edge: Wayne

Yes Hov’s Roc Nation Sports has signed a plethora of talented superstars—Robinson Cano, Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz and Skylar Diggins—but Lil Wayne’s signing of Portugal and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is massive. Ronaldo is one of the most marketable and recognizable sports star in the world. Forbes named Ronaldo the 30th “most powerful” celebrity in the world and seventh among athletes, just edging Kevin Durant. He is without a doubt the biggest star in professional futbol and his fame only continues to grow after the World Cup.


Edge: Jay Z

Jay Z clearly has the edge over Weezy when it comes to experience in the sports industry. Roc Nation Sports has been around for over a year and doing extremely well, young new stars from the NFL, NBA and MLB. Hov was also apart of the ownership team for the Brooklyn Nets. He knows what he’s doing.

Who would you choose?

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIQtqtkZoRA&w=670&h=380]

After the Big Diesel traded in his jersey for commentary job, he always toyed with the idea of returning back into the booth. Well, his time may come. He shot an audition video freestyle for NBA 2K15′s Soundtrack curator, Pharrell, in hopes of securing himself a spot. It’s apparent that Shaq still has his flow from “Can’t Stop The Reign”.

He rapped “Yo, Pharrell, this is Shaq/ Put me on the 2K15 track/ I won’t let you down, that’s just dumb/ Me and you both went platinum.”

Can you say bars?

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Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is tributing one of his favorite artists, Michael Jackson, in his latest video. The video for Tity Two Necklace’s “Freebase” is…


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